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zapaskala Market The sale of handmade products has made it possible for all those who have products to offer to sell their products easily and away from the physical market and the troubles. The interesting point is that you do not need to pay to attend zapaskala. Whether you are a big store or a small company. zapaskala does not charge high commissions from sellers and manufacturers, the commission limit in zapaskala is 10% and the rest is after sending the goods and the customer's approval. Deposits to your account. Of course, do not worry if the customer does not want to return the product. Many products are listed in the store according to the conditions you say. Like how it is packaged, whether it has a reference or not and ... If the goods are sent in accordance with the photo, the return of the goods will be accepted only in case of breakage and such things.

  • What are the ways to contact zapaskala to ask questions?

    There are currently three phone lines at the bottom of the store where you can call mobile numbers for speed.

  • Can I post my contact number for direct contact with buyers on the website?

    No, this is not possible for sellers and is against the rules of the website.

  • Do I have to pay to receive a sales panel?

    No, receiving the panel and opening the store is completely free.

  • Does zapaskala deduct from commission sales?

    Yes, according to a general tariff, zapaskala currently pays very little commission on your sales for the services it provides to reputable sellers, as well as the advertising it does. The amount of commission depends on the amount of goods. The maximum fee for the amount below 200 thousand tomans is 10% and for the higher amount between 5 to 10%

  • How is a settlement in zapaskala and how long does it take?

    Settlement of accounts is done through bank channels, esteemed sellers must upload the night number of their bank account in addition to the photo of the national card on the website. Settlement time: After sending the product to the customer and the customer confirms the authenticity of the sent goods, the amount will be credited to your account


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